Monday, March 1, 2010

Hairstyles Trends 2010 - Halle Berry Cute and Short

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Halle Berry cute and short hairstyles trends 2010

Halle Berry is a famous actress and a former model. Moreover, Halle Berry is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and she’s also an Academy Award Winner.
So, I guess it’s pretty clear to everyone that she has to look her best all the time and keep it fresh. Halle Berry is one of those people who always changes her hairstyle but never goes wrong. Here are some pictures of Halle Berry and her numerous hairstyles.Halle Berry Cute and ShortSome of the many styles Halle Berry has adopted include: messy hair, shaggy hair, long flowing curls, long spiral curls, casual hairstyles, shoulder length hairstyles and some boyish cuts. It clear to everyone that her best look features short hair but she found so many ways to style it, she has become an icon for african american hair fans.

Halle Berry Cute and Short

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