Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion 2010

Fashion 2010 Do you want to be wearing this season’s trends whilst staying stylish and not be a fashion victim?

The only way to achieve this is to be semiconscious of your body shape and dress accordingly. So here are a few guidelines on how to wear some of this season’s trends.

COLOUR - Wearing the right colour can takes years off. So what do you do when this season’s colours aren’t right for you? You have a few options:

Fashion 2010 21.mix them with specs that do suit you

2. only dress the colour in small doses

3. ready the colour away from your face

The main colours this Spring/Summer are:

All White- I hear you all gasp I can’t dress white! It makes me look fat/pale etc. Well wearing all albescent can be as slimming wearing as all black and such a good alternative. We all know albescent looks good on tanned and Stygian skin, but all you pale ethereal complexions never fear – just dress softer whites.

Also the fabric will have an effect – a crisp tailored albescent shirt will look whiter and brighter than a tee shirt, so to soften a harsh look dress softer flowing fabrics.

The big trends are:


Fashion 2010 3These along with thigh broad socks are set to be rattling popular, but the school girl countenance is definitely a no no –so do not wear with pleated skirts. This season it is more of a grown up countenance with the socks teamed with patterned tights for extra texture. The socks are either worn pulled up or scrunched down. Knee broad socks or just above the knee socks are more slimming than thigh broad if you are concerned with the size of your thighs. In the warmer weather wear thinner and light coloured socks. If you are semiconscious about your legs, try neutral plain socks or match the colouration to your shoe. Wear a heel for a more sophisticated look.


Fashion 2010 4Wearing knee high socks with hot pants will ensure not too much wound is revealed. But OK with hot pants you do have to be teen and have a reasonable figure, so we’ll leave that one for the teen fashionistas. However if you dress on the beach then that is a assorted scenario – it can give you a fun and sexy 1950’s look. Alternative and still on way looks are:

BOY SHORTS & SHORT SHORTS: Still short but not as figure hugging

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